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"Fear has its own use but cowardice has none."

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The Spiral Noose
Name's Tobi feel free to wear it out!


obito spots the penis of deidara after all this time, such strength, such chakra, such power, the classical echoing voice of anime thinking appears in his head but continues on to fight kakashi

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TerbehDay BU
OTP <3

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Artist: 嘘 on pixiv

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Artist: ouk on pixiv

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i solve my problems by blatantly ignoring them and going on the internet


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OMG I love these!

daaang! <3

don’t choose me, I already bought it, but I wanted to reblog so everyone could see how these majestic brushes will change your life

I highly recommend you follow the person I reblogged this from.

"Still think there’s no such thing as THE BOOGEYMAN?!"


Send me ∇ for a headcanon about my character’s relationship with yours.


Nine years since Nine first graced the screen!
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